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JAvEX Crosshair HUD - VAC2 Proof

Crosshair HUD, what?
Lately I've seen a few posts asking about crosshairs and whatnot, so I just decided to release my custom crosshair hud. I got the idea to use the hud for a crosshair a while back when someone suggested to use the radar as a crosshair. Using the radar for a crosshair wasn't very good unless I reskinned it, but then the radar wouldn't be as easy to follow. So I thought why not just reposition my health icon and use it as a crosshair. I made the icons font size really small and it was still two big, so I changed the font a bit so I could have a DOT like the reddot hack for my crosshair.

Took a bit of work just testing and whatnot and all of a sudden I had a real nice crosshair. I put the health and the armor right beside it so I could easily see it all the time. Anyway its not hard to do, so if you don't like the way I've made it, go ahead and do it yourself!

-There are two numbers beside the crosshair, the top number is your health, and the bottom number is your armor.
-Nothing is transparent anymore because I didn't want the crosshair to be transparent, and unfortunately there is one setting for everything.
-When your heath is low it will pulse orange and red.
-The timer is in the bottom left.
-ALL the icons are small because just like with transparency, there is only one setting, and I needed to make the dot nice and small.
-The HUD is green, so the crosshair(DOT) is also green.


SUMMARY: What is this hack?
Technically, this isn't a hack. It is just a custom HUD with a
green dot for the crosshair. The HEALTH is right beside it, and
the ARMOR is right below the HEALTH...
+++The best part about this is that the green DOT does NOT flash continuously like with the reddot hack, and it has no effect on FPS, if anything it gives you better FPS.

To install:
1. Copy the cstrike folder into your Counter Strike: Source folder.
2. Then copy the font file into your Windows font folder.
- BOTH steps above are NEEDED for the hack to work properly.
3. In your console type: crosshair 0 to get rid of the normal crosshair. Although I suggest leaving it at 1 at first to insure that it is centered.

Download is less than 800k. (It comes with a few more screenshots)...


How can I edit or change the hack?
Here is a tutorial for editing your HUD:

If when you install the hack, you notice that the crosshair is something like this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2...e_port0000.jpg

You will need to change the xpos and the ypos of the armor to fix it. Look at the tutorial above if you need help doing it.

Don't like the way the HUD looks, you can edit it to suite your preferences. Just use the tutorial above. But keep in mind there are a lot of limitations. Here is two screenshots showing different ones:

HINT: To change the crosshair you have to edit the font.

Credits go to JAvEX.

How to use Counter Strike Hacks

  • Aimbot
    • Aimbot
    • Autoshoot
    • Aimteam
    • FOV
    • Aimbox
    • Aimthrough
    • Silent Aim
    • Friendsguard

  • ESP
    • ESP
    • Name
    • Health
    • Entity

  • Misc
    • Wallhack
    • Speedhack
    • Crosshair
    • Bunnyhop
    • Winamp
    • Clock
    • No Flash/Smoke
    • Spinbot
    • Knifebot
    • No Recoil
    • No Spread
    • Radarhack
    • Menukey
    • Panickey
    • Speedkey
    • Winampkey

How To Use:
  1. Execute the loader (holzed.exe)
  2. Launch Counter-Strike: Source
  3. Hit insert for the menu, navigate through the arrow keys

Counter Strike Source Legal Hacks

You can use this legal hacks on any server with consistency check enabled (sv_consistency 1) and you will not get banned by VAC2 for using them.

  • Clear Radar - removes the green mask on the overview radar
  • Colored and bold Crosshair (pink)
  • Colored and bright Players, Weapons, Hostages (the weapons also include invisible hands. If you do not want those delete the hands folder in \materials\models\weapons\v_models.)
  • Colored Hostages (white)
  • Colored Players (Terrorists in red, Counter-Terrorists in blue)
  • Colored Weapons (differently colored)
  • Fullbright Maps
  • Full Flashlight - increases the size of the flashlight
  • JAvEX Crosshair HUD - adds a dot to the middle of the screen using the HUD
  • No Ambient Sounds (soundscape scripts) - removes the ambient sounds (wind, animals, machines, ...)
  • Night-Vision Aim (Updated) - replaced the default nightvision mask with a crosshair
  • No Hands - removes the hands, better view
  • No Rain
  • No Shatter - removes the shatter, better view through shattered windows
  • No Water Fog
  • Sound Pack - increased volume of certain sounds (hostages, bomb, spraying, empty clip, ...), decreased volume of the "fire in the hole" radio sound and disables most radio sounds except for the round start, round, bomb, and hostage sounds

How to use:

  • The folders are structured like your own cstrike directory.
Simply put the content of the folders into \Steam\steamapps\\counter-strike source\cstrike\.

  • Rename the "1024x768.cfg"/"800x600.cfg" file (not required).
Put the .cfg into \Steam\steamapps\\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg\.
In game exec it through the console by entering "exec ".

I recommend binding a key (I use mouse4) to exec the script because every few rounds the crosshair might change it's position.

  • Simply enter the commands in the console or put them into your autoexec.cfg (\cstrike\cfg\).